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The Process

It consists on 5 steps:

1 . Briefing

2 . Research

3 . Checkpoint

4 . Presentation

5 . Delivery


The Methodology

PALMA Design Studio's methodology enables a 100% remote workflow. However, this doesn't mean we will not see each other quite often during the project.

The whole workflow is designed to include clients in our process. We believe Co-Creation is the key to success.

Get ready for the beginning of an exciting journey.

Clients Friends once said...


"I recommend PALMA with my eyes closed. Matheus has an incredible vision and works to a unique standard of quality. PALMA Design Studio was able to accurately capture our vision and values ​​in our brands. The results went far beyond our expectations. All work was done with extreme attention to detail and patience with our needs and queries. Matheus and PALMA team are always very attentive and flexible, always available and easy to communicate."  

- Laura Cope, DDS, MS - CMO@Cope Group​​​​​​​


 "There are no words capable of expressing such satisfaction! When we chose to work with Matheus and PALMA team, we were sure of only one thing: we were looking for something different! The whole process made us reflect and think about everything we would like to be, do, and inspire. Priceless moments of learning and cooperation. The result was surprising, far beyond what we expected. It's not just scribbling, choosing fonts, or selecting colors. 

Symbols, lines, and details were able to translate everything we hope to be, do, and inspire. A set of solutions that makes us want to go further, that motivates us to keep dreaming, to work more and more on this project, and move forward. Here is our very, very thank you!!"

- Sibeli Janzen, Founder & CMO @ Limits Sports


"The launch of the new brand was a game changer, raising our perceived value and making people see us differently. After the visual identity project done with PALMA, we have the feeling of having a mature company and our clients feel more confident when hiring us. We managed to increase the price of our service, double our revenue and we have a full schedule. We wish we had done this sooner."

- Thamara Machado & Jordana Raiele, Co-Founders & Chief Engineers @ MAIS Engenharia, Arquitetura e Design


"Contrafluxo is my teenage dream. And something that use to make my heart beat faster was trying to imagine what the magazine would be like. After completely trusting this dream to PALMA, a huge excitement grew inside of me. When we had the checkpoint meeting, for me to take a first look at the project's mood board and research, I felt my eyes water - The expectations grew so much until the presentation finally came.

Matheus presented such a beautiful, complete, personalized, and UNIQUE project! I cried like a child when I saw that everything I imagined, dreamed, and desired came to life. And there were still extras though... Things I never thought I needed or wanted! Nowadays - thanks to PALMA - we are working to deliver content to our audience in the best way possible, towards success! "

- Beatriz Palmieri, Founder @ Contrafluxo

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